Refund Policy

There is no refunds on the yearly fee because you have the option to cancel it anytime you want from your user dashboard by navigating to the My Account tab in your account.

For the initial sign-up we have a 30 day action-based guarantee. If you take action on the system we truly believe it will work for you, like it has worked for us. Which is why we're willing to back it up with a 30 day refund guarantee.

HOWEVER, we will ask to see that you did indeed complete the work. Specifically you must provide these 2 simple things:

1. You must have gone through the entire course and put in the effort. (we will check your progress) You'll be asked to show the site you built out with the DialHawk software implemented and that you put forth effort to rank the site if you tried an SEO campaign (show us your on-page optimization, show us your link building, etc).

2. You must have also asked for help if you were unable to get results on your own by using the software and following the training, because it's likely we can correct whatever you did wrong.

If you did not do these 2 things and/or you're outside the 30 day window your refund request will denied.

We will not honor refund requests about you "changing your mind" or "it's not for me" or "I don't have time." If you are not 100% committed and serious about your/this business, don't buy the product. You should only buy the product if you are 100% committed to doing the work and taking action!

We stand behind my products and our brand and pride ourselves in running an honest and transparent business. If you put in the work above and it legitimately doesn't work for you we will refund you, but you have to show us that you actually did the 2 things above.