Unlimited Campaigns

Create and manage as many different campaigns as you need. Each campaign can hold an unlimited number of phone numbers, with each number having it's own configuration settings.

Detailed Reporting

View, generate, and export detailed reports. Reports can be broken down by date range, campaign, and campaign number. View a detailed call log of all calls for all campaigns and numbers.

Powerful Invoicing

Create one time or recurring invoices, broken down by date range and campaign Accept invoice payments via PayPal or use your own Stripe API keys to accept credit card payments.

Number Swapping

Each campaign allows you to paste a small javascript snippet onto your own website that will automatically swap out any of your hard coded phone numbers with a dynamic DialHawk phone number.

Form Submission Calls

Paste a javascript snippet onto your own website that will be triggered whenever a form is submitted (containing a valid phone number), which will then initiate a phone call between your user and a DialHawk number.

Twilio Integration

Use a single Twilio account for all campaigns, or use a separate Twilio account for each campaign. You can buy new numbers and import existing numbers, all within your DialHawk member account area.