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DialHawk makes it easier than ever to grow, scale and track your marketing efforts all while helping you convert more leads into sales.

Take Advantage of Our Unique Features

Whether you’re a marketing agency or a small business owner, you need to know your numbers. DialHawk makes it easy to pull a detailed report of exactly what calls came in for any given timeframe. You can drill down on a campaign level or a per number level to figure out who called, the time they called and duration of the call.

DialHawk even lets you go back and listen to calls if you have call recording enabled for your phone number. Standard with every DialHawk package and can be turned off if your local laws don’t allow for recording.

Take Advantage of Our Unique Features
Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding:

Within minutes you can have a phone tracking number setup in your account ready for people to call. DialHawk has multiple options for call forwarding. You can forward to a single number, multiple numbers all at once or multiple numbers in sequential order. If the first number doesn’t answer, it will move onto the next one on the list. These multiple features give you full control, no matter the situation.

Whisper Feature:

DialHawk integrates the whisper feature which is perfect if you’re an agency and want your clients to know you sent the call. You can use our text to speech feature or an audio file to play a short message when your client answers the call, before they are sent to the caller.

Whisper Feature:
Report Sharing & Invoicing

Report Sharing & Invoicing:

DialHawk makes it easy for you or your client to stay on top of your analytics. You can set a recurring report to be sent every day, week, or month to any emails you’d like. Stay on top of your employees or use this as a marketing agency to report back to your clients and show off your performance.

Don’t want to send a recurring report? DialHawk let’s you generate a share link if you’d just like to keep someone in the loop on calls that came in for a certain timeframe.

Automatic Invoicing:

If you’re a marketing agency, you’ll appreciate the recurring invoice feature within DialHawk. Link your PayPal or Stripe account and DialHawk will automatically bill your client based on the amount per call you’d like to charge them or a flat rate fee. Whatever you decide works best for your agency.

You can even set smart filters to only charge for calls that match a certain duration or filter out duplicates. DialHawk makes running a pay per call or lead generation agency easy, by automating the busy work.

Automatic Invoicing
Quick Call Forms

Quick Call Forms:

We know that not everyone likes to immediately pick up the phone, which is why we’ve designed our quick call form feature. When someone fills out a form only our website, DialHawk can call you or your client and alert them that someone has filled out a form. You can then press 1 to instantly be connected with the lead.

In many industries the first to follow up with a lead is the one who gets the sale. Now, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again!

Dynamic Number Swapping:

Want to track the referral source of your leads? DialHawk will swap out the phone number on your website with a tracking phone number for each referral source you’d like. Imagine knowing which calls came from Google Ads vs. Google Organic?

DialHawk makes it easy to make smart decisions with your marketing budget!

Dynamic Number Swapping
Built-In Spam Protection

Built-In Spam Protection:

If you’ve been burdened by spam and telemarketers we feel your pain. DialHawk has built-in spam protection measures to help keep your phone line clear of any unwanted robocalls. You can also create your own block list so that any solicitors that call can be stopped from bothering you any further.

Control Costs & Phone Numbers:

Most call tracking companies make you buy their overpriced phone numbers, making you feel stuck paying expensive fees to them indefintiely. At DialHawk we are powered by Twilio’s API. This means you get to link your own Twilio account and take advantage of their ultra low pricing. Starting at $0.0085/minute and only $1/month per number.

If you work with multiple clients, you can link multiple Twilio accounts with ease. The setup takes just minutes and you have complete control over everything, the way call tracking should be!

List of countries Twilio supports
Control Costs & Phone Numbers

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